Our carefully selected range of products can be individually tailored to each customer, from varying fat coverage to bespoke cuts, we have the quality and knowledge to deliver exactly what each individual requires. 


Our grass-fed beef is sourced from a small number of West Country farms specialising in the rearing of rare cattle breeds - our preferred being the two from which our name is derived -The Ruby Red Devon & British White. Both renowned for their gloriously marbled meat, these farms will rear the cattle slowly and naturally, resulting in meat that is unrivalled in flavour and texture.


With an abundance of local lamb producers and suppliers, we are spoiled for choice when sourcing our lamb. Whether it's Devon short horns from Chestnut Farm, South of Bristol, or Suffolk crosses from any one of a number of Wiltshire based farmers, we receive a consistently high standard and quality of lamb.


The snout to tail procurement and selling of pigs ensures that all of our pork is from one farm, and that we do not have to buy in additional cuts from elsewhere to balance the carcasses. 


All of our free range chicken is sourced directly from Stuart Perkins at Castlemead Poultry - a small, family run farm less than 20 miles from our processing unit. Using Hubbard chickens (the lesser known, but equally tasty version of a Cotswold White) Stuart grows and mills all of their additional feed on site at the farm.


The start of the game season sees menus and seasons changing harmoniously. The number of well run shoots in the West Country provides us with ample opportunity to stock and supply a wide and varied range of game. Some of the Ruby and White team are lucky enough to be involved with these fabulous local shoots, adding a strong element of the field to table values that we so strongly believe in.