The snout to tail procurement and selling of pigs ensures that all of our pork is from one farm, and that we do not have to buy in additional cuts from elsewhere to balance the carcasses. 

All of our pigs are 12-15 probe (this is a measurement of the at covering on the carcass) which gives an element of consistency, but also allows us to choose slightly fatter or leaner pork, depending on customer preference.

We have been working closely with Cameron Naughton of West End Farm, Devizes, since we opened five years ago. The consistency and quality of his product is only superseded by the countless accolades and awards he has been winning; 

The Good Pig Producer of the Year

Compassion in World Farming

The continued retention of the RSPCA Freedom Food accreditation

Cameron uses a Berkshire boar crossed with Saddle back sows, which are both perfectly suited to the outdoor living they experience, and consistently deliver a high welfare, quality product.