Grouse - 12th August - 10th Dec

Duck & Partridge - 1st Sep - 1st Feb

Pheasant - 1st Oct- 1st Feb

Pigeon, Guinea Fowl, Rabbit - No closed season

Venison - always male or female of a breed in season

Kicking off with the glorious twelfth, the start of the game season sees menus and seasons changing harmoniously. The number of well run shoots in the West Country provides us with ample opportunity to stock and supply a wide and varied range of game.

Time permitting, some of the Ruby and White team are lucky enough to get out and be in the thick of some of these fabulous local shoots. Adding a strong element of the field to table values that we so strongly believe in. We endeavour to hang all of our game birds for up to a week - long legged (guts in and feathers on) This adds a depth of flavour and enhances the "gameyness" without being too over powering. 

As long as you're not male (buck) or female (doe) specific with the venison you choose to use, there will always be something in season and available. Roe, the smaller of the more common deer, can be found in and around Bath and Bristol and the surrounding area. If you venture over to Salisbury plain or down to Devon, sika and fallow (much bigger deer)  numbers are considerably higher. We source these through local and trusted game dealers who have worked with these product for decades.