All of our free range chicken is sourced directly from Stuart Perkins at Castlemead Poultry - a small, family run farm less than 20 miles from our processing unit. 

Using Hubbard chickens (the lesser known, but equally tasty version of a Cotswold White) Stuart grows and mills all of their additional feed on site at the farm. The chickens roam free and scratch about in large grassy fields, on a non intensive diet and rearing system. The farm really is the perfect depiction of a farmer caring and rearing his animals to the highest possible standard and quality.

Despite the many benefits of the free range chickens, the price can make them commercially prohibitive. Endeavouring to cater for all needs and budgets, we also source a high welfare, red tractor approved, barn reared chicken. These are reared in Norfolk and Suffolk, and provide the option of a quality product with a commercial price tag.