With an abundance of local lamb producers and suppliers, we are spoiled for choice when sourcing our lamb. Whether it's Devon short horns from Chestnut Farm, South of Bristol, or Suffolk crosses from any one of a number of Wiltshire based farmers, we receive a consistently high standard and quality of lamb.

Due to the nature of how each individual farmer rears and breeds their lambs, it works out perfectly for us that they all have superb lamb ready for us at sightly different times. Depending on how well or quickly the lambs are finishing (reaching optimum weight and fat cover) determines how soon the new season lambs are available. Optimum weight for us is c. 20kg, which will be a nice shapely lamb, with good size joints and racks, without being too big or too fat. 

We ensure that all of our lambs are 100% pasture fed, giving them a rich, natural and full flavour. They are only brought in for lambing, and spend the rest of the year roaming free and enjoying the pastures.