Teaming up with experienced Master Butcher Dave Kelly, Ruby & White owner Adam Denton sought to create a butchery business that could not only supply his neighbouring restaurant, The Cowshed, but one that could also give members of the Bristol public a chance to experience locally reared, dry aged meat and West Country game at home.

All too aware that butchers shops are often perceived as intimidating places, Adam and Dave strived to create a welcoming retail environment that held all of the features reminiscent of a traditional butcher’s shop; but in a clean, modern and relaxing atmosphere - one that is suited to the modern consumer.



Owner Adam Denton has lived and worked in Bristol for 15 years.

After opening his first restaurant, The Cowshed, in 2009; he quickly became frustrated with the inconsistent quality being offered by his meat suppliers.

The grandson of a farmer, he appreciated that the only way to guarantee the quality and provenance of the meat he served was to form a close working relationship with individual farms, choosing to work exclusively with people that shared his strong values.


Master Butcher Dave Kelly has been in the butchery trade since leaving school. His career progressed from working in a small, rural farm shop, to managing a large meat processing factory within a few short years; before joining forces with Adam to help create his vision of a high end, modern butchers with traditional values.

His book, Great Meat, was released in 2013, and provides a great guide on how to choose, cut and cook every cut in our counter, along with some handy tips on knives and knife care - pick up a copy in store!